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… welcome to our website of the German Reservists camaraderie -Kurmainz- from Mainz-Hechtsheim.

Please understand that our side can not completely, in your language.
Therefore, it is only this information page.

About us

Our Reservists camaraderie was established on Oct 03, 1984 and currently has about 120 members.This is composed by all branches of the armed forces of the German Army “Bundeswehr“ and directed by the common soldier to the officer and Sponsoring members who support us.

The Reservist camaraderie is a subdivison by the Association of the German army reservists e.V.

Our clubhouse is located in the Kurmainz-Barracks in Mainz-Hechtsheim.
We look forward to your visit.

Our interests Inter/-National

-Camaraderie care
-Shooting and versatility competitions
-Marches (civil & military)
-Culture maintenance and preservation
-Civil protection in Inland
-Humanitarian aid
-Military Education and advancedtraining
-Sport (civil & military)
-Safety policy

All of these points, we are also represented internationally, eg in Switzerland,
UK, Luxembourg, Poland, etc.

About this site

On our site you will find many interesting things about us, this would be for example:
Pictures, Links, Dates, Successes and Memorial

German Sports Badge

With us you can complete the German Sports Badge. If you are interested,
please contact us to arrange an appointment.


Foreign comrades from friendly forces may join as a sponsor with us. No matter whether you
are male or female, served in the Air Force, Navy or the Army have or are still on active duty.
Simply complete the application form.


I hope you enjoy this information page was helpful, you should still have questions, criticism or praise.
You can feel free to contact us.